Emergency and Peace of Mind

There may be occasions that you are having problems with your eyes that don't need a full eye examination and sight test, but perhaps just need advice and reassurance or even - in some cases - urgent attention.

At James Bryan Opticians, we will always try to accommodate you whatever concern you have and no matter how urgent it is. It is best to call first on 01245 357766 before coming down as we will be able to give you an idea of the best time to avoid you having to hang around too long.

There is no NHS funding available for appointments other than full eye tests and there is a charge for being seen. Most of the appointments will take less than the full half-hour eye test and will therefore cost less than the full eye test fee of £36.00, but the nature of some symptoms involve more tests and will cost a little more. To get an idea of some of the symptoms that we are commonly asked to investigate please read on:

Flashes and floaters - £48.00

Floaters often occur in people with perfectly healthy eyes and are seen as spots, lines or cobwebs. Flashes of light at the edge of your vision are often caused by the jelly in the eye (the vitreous) tugging on the retina at the back of the eye. Both can be quite annoying and can be investigated during the course of a routine eye test.

However, If you suddenly notice a shower of new floaters, or floaters along with flashes or a dark shadow or “curtain” in your vision, then you should seek advice urgently. These symptoms can mean that the retina is tearing (retinal detachment). Go to an Accident and Emergency Department if necessary.

Investigation for flashes and floaters at James Bryan Opticians will involve a check of your visual acuity, visual field analysis and dilation of the pupil to carry out direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy. Your vision will be blurred for at least 2 hours following this appointment due to the drops needed to dilate your pupils and you will not be able to drive.

Painful, red or watery eye - from £15

There are any number of reasons for having a red, painful or watery eye ranging from simply having something in it to sight threatening conditions. Fortunately most of the time the problems are easy to resolve with eye drops, advice or just removing the offending article.

Examination is normally carried out using a slit-lamp biomicroscope. In cases of severe pain a little local anaesthetic eye drop may be put in the eye to make the process less arduous.

Any other concerns?

Just give us a call on 01245 357766 or use the James Bryan Opticians web contact form and we will do our utmost to help you.