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Vinyl factory sunglasses and glasses tattooed person

Vinyl Factory Glasses

As you'd expect they're a bit Rock and also Roll. Also Vinyl Factory make fire extinguishers.


That threw you, didn't it? Sort of fits though: specs, sunglasses, er. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS!

Don't believe me? Here you go:

Vinyl factory make sunglasses and glasses, but this is a fire extinguisher

They're French. And I have a thing for French glasses.

The French know how to put spectacle frames together. They've been doing it for a very long time and although they may have lost out in terms of sheer volume of production to the far East and even their neighbours in Italy, they still haven't lost the sense of quirky yet practical, colourful yet wearable and individuality that is so, well, French.

Why is it you think that Tag Heuer choose to have their spectacles and sunglasses made in the mountains of the Burgundy Jura instead of the Swiss factories that make their watches? Hmm?

Because they couldn't do it as well as the French. Not even close.

There's a little town in the mountains called Morez; their town sign is still a pair of spectacles, festooned with flowers in the summer and a lasting monument to the main industry that grew this town that made little else than spectacles and sunglasses for the ordinary folk as well as the haute couturiers of Paris.

Alain Mikli, Phillipe Starck, Lacoste, Chanel and other quintessentially French brands may have hopped over the hills to Italy to get their spectacles and sunglasses cobbled together with parts flown in from the far East just so they can qualify for the "made in Italy," stamp on the side, but it's nice to know that there's still some old bloke in a workshop somewhere in the mountains of France with a brown coat, probably a beret on his head, and a Gauloises stuck to his bottom lip, shouting "Merde!" every time he sticks one of those little screwdrivers into his hand. Probably.