Prescription Help and Information

Prescription Information

Prescriptions are generally valid for 2 years. You would have been given a copy of your prescription when your eyes were tested as it is a legal requirement for the optician to do so. If you have mislaid your prescription then simply contact them for a copy; they are perfectly entitled to charge you for this: up to £10 for electronic media and more in paper format. If you wish us to talk to you your optician to get your prescription details then by all means we'll have a go, but they are not obliged to give us it unless they have a signed authorisation from you, in fact there may be a whole data protection issue that prevents them from doing so. If you want us to do this for you then in addition to your details that you have already supplied (name, address, etc.) we will also need your date of birth.

Spectacle prescriptions can be entered on the “buy prescription” form or scanned, emailed, faxed or talked through with us over the telephone. Our online prescription form does not include a provision for entering prisms as there are a myriad of ways that you can be given this information. Where there is a prism in your prescription we would much rather see a copy of the original either scanned through or faxed to us.

In case of queries with your spectacle prescription please ensure that we have a telephone number to contact you during normal working hours.

Under no circumstances can we supply prescription glasses online to those aged under 16 or people who are registered blind or partially sighted. You'll have to come into the practice and be seen by one of our qualified dispensing opticians if this is you. Sorry, but it is a legal requirement.
Prescription Ranges

There are maximum prescription ranges selectable for each pair of sunglasses or spectacles that can be fitted with prescription lenses. Generally speaking the larger and/or more curvy the frame is the lower the prescription range will be.
If you have chosen a pair of sunglasses or specs but cannot find your prescription in the drop-down menu it is because your prescription may not be compatible with that particular model. All is not lost though, simply contact us with your prescription details and we will see whether we can work some magic or alternatively be able to suggest something else more suitable.
It is not possible to fit prescription lenses to certain models due to their construction or shape and the few that are like this won't have the "buy prescription" option available.
Your PD (pupillary distance).

Now here's a contentious issue: your PD. It is an essential part of the supply of spectacles but not a legal requirement that the optician gives it to you. The wrong way to go about getting your PD is to have a massive argument with your optician that they “have to” give it to you (they don't), or that it's “just a measurement,” and therefore the very suggestion that you will have to part with any more money for someone to balance a ruler on your nose whilst looking at the end of their finger is just outrageous, is not the right way of getting this measurement for nothing.

So here's how you do get your PD measurement for nothing...

Simply walk into your local optician brandishing a tenner and say something like, “I say my good man would you mind taking my PD? Here's a tenner for your trouble!”
Chances are that they will be so dumbfounded that someone has actually asked to pay for this that they'll do it for nothing OR they'll do it and take your money anyway.

HOWEVER, if they do happen to take your money then please make sure you get a receipt because all you then need to do is email it across to us and we will refund it off the cost of your prescription glasses or sunglasses!*

Failing everything simply leave the PD value as average and it'll be near enough.

*this applies to orders in the UK only and is subject to an absolute maximum of £10. Any more and they really are taking the piss.