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Chanel Sunglasses

She was born in the Loire, but not the Loire valley you know from holidays at all. Coco Chanel made her way up the style ladder the hard way. From convent school to singing in a corner bar to being installed in a chateau, set-up in her first shop to being best mates with Churchill and the Duke of Westminster. Which you might have thought wouldn't do her an awful lot of good in German-occupied wartime Paris. And you'd be totally wrong, for reasons.

One of the most influential people on the planet according to Time Magazine, by 1970 Coco was estimated to be worth $19 billion, making her one of the richest women of all time. That perfume was never exactly cheap, after all.

But the real reason the Chanel brand made its creator fantastically wealthy was that people liked it. A lot. Sure, a kind friend gave her the money to open her first shop: she paid him back without even discussing it, in full in a year. The secret of her success was simple. As New Yorker magazine put it, she made a woman look like a woman. Not like two.

Her clothes ethos carried through into all of the Chanel brand. Structured yet looking natural. Minutely thought-out but still looking casual. This is style for real life, by design.

We aren't in Paris, Rome or New York. Chelmsford, in fact. But because of that, we can offer you miles of style from international brands at a sensible price, all supplied with a totally free 14-day return policy. And as we're called James Bryan Opticians, if you want those perfect sunglasses with a prescription lens we've got just one thing to say.

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