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Giorgio Armani Sunglasses

It all nearly didn't happen for Giorgio Armani. He wanted to be a doctor but dropped out of medical school and found himself in 1950 doing compulsory national service in the Italian army. When that was done he got a job as a window dresser in a department store in Milan. It wasn't exactly La Dolce Vita so far, even after his move into the Menswear department, selling suits. And that was his life for fifteen years until he got a job at Nino Cerruti as one of their designers and did some freelance designing for other companies as well. For another ten years.

It wasn't exactly overnight success. He didn't even open his own design office until 1973 and he had to sell his not-particularly flashy VW Beetle long before they became icons to do that, just short of his fourtieth birthday.

But he did have a good range of clients: Allegri, Hilton, Montedoro, Tendressse, Sicons, Bagutta for the good reason that people liked his stuff. Because he was a hands-on designer who'd come-up the hard way, hunched over a drawing-board. Talking to manufacturers. Simply doing it, year in year out until the big break with his own label in Milan in 1975, the Spring '76 collection of men's and women's wear.

Eric Clapton and Lady GaGa alike have been dressed by him. The eye-wear he produces have been part of the collection almost since the start, summing-up the qualities of the brand. Like all of his work, Giorgio Armani sunglasses are established but youthful, high-quality designs at an accessible price and an aura of relaxed chic. A brand for people who put the hours in. You don't have to believe in fairy tales. Life can still be magical

We aren't in Paris, Rome or New York. Chelmsford, in fact. But because of that, we can offer you miles of style from international brands at a sensible price, all supplied with a totally free 14-day return policy. And as we're called James Bryan Opticians, if you want those perfect sunglasses with a prescription lens we've got just one thing to say.

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