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L.G.R is born from the original vision of its founder, Luca Gnecchi Ruscone. Blending together traditional Italian methods of craftsmanship, lens technology, and a history that dates back to colonial Africa, L.G.R has a created a unique place for itself in the vast industry of eyewear. The result is a genuine product where virtues from the past are transmitted into contemporary spectacles.

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All models are created with the concept of an everlasting object intended to accompany the traveler on endless journeys filled with lasting experiences. The colour palette of the collection is oriented towards harmonious nuances of warm and natural shades that are found in the savannahs of Africa or the panorama of the Italian Riviera.

L.G.R devotes special attention to comfort, sustainability, and creativity through the knowledge of experienced craftsmen, cutting-edge lens technology, and innovative design. The final creation is a sophisticated product that is manufactured with passion and timeless elegance.

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the story

L.G.R originates from a voyage made to Africa by the founder of the company, Luca Gnecchi Ruscone. On a trip in 2005, Luca visited one of the optical stores in Asmara, Eritrea owned by his grandfather who lived in Africa from 1930 to 1970. There, he discovered a box of colonial period sunglasses, which had been imported from Italy 50 years earlier. Fascinated by the elegant design of the frames, Luca brought the remaining pieces back to Italy. The news of his special discovery was spread, and instantly requests poured in for these unique sunglasses. Subsequently, he tracked down the manufacturers and re-opened the same laboratory, which had closed in 1968. Then he began a small production of the authentic frames, respecting the traditional methods of the artisans and using only high quality materials. Soon after, Luca had received his first order, and began to sell them on his own to exclusive fashion boutiques all over Europe. Following much success in 2007, he participated in a showroom event in Paris, which resulted in his first published article about the brand in the prestigious magazine, Vogue France. At the same time Luca expanded the collection with new designs, and participated in his first optical show, Silmo in 2008, which marked the official launch of L.G.R. From then on, L.G.R has worked with top opticians worldwide, and has remained an exclusive and well distributed brand.

After these significant events, L.G.R continues to work hard on improving every aspect of the brand, and as a result it has become well respected for its quality, service, style, and elegance.

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handmade in Italy

L.G.R frames are entirely handmade in Italy by expert artisans that use only the best techniques in order to deliver a resistant and long lasting product. All frames can bend to adapt to shape without heating, due to the composition of cellulose acetate, a material that is natural and HYPO allergenic. They undergo a tumbling process with beech and birch wood that prepares them for the final step, which is to polish the frames by hand, using no solvents or paints, the result is a silky finishing.

The production of L.G.R eyewear is entirely followed by Italian artisans who have spent their lives specialising in a meticulous line of craftsmanship for an excellent product that only a trained eye after many years of work could obtain. Each frame is assembled from start to finish by the same craftsman, transmitting virtues from the past into contemporary eyewear.

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L.G.R Sunglasses Lenses

L.G.R uses only tempered mineral crystal sun lenses and CR 39 organic lenses produced by the German Group Carl Zeiss Vision.


L.G.R tempered mineral glass lenses are produced in compliance with strict manufacturing standards and guarantee total protection against harmful sunrays. They are made of tempered mineral crystal, and have special treatments such as: 6 layers of anti-reflex coating, IR protection, anti-scratch, and UV ray protection. Lenses are available in three main types:

1. Standard lenses: (green g15 and sun brown) anti-scratch lenses with inner anti-reflex coating and 100% UV protection.

2. Gradient photochromic lenses: (violet, yellow, and grey) anti-scratch lenses with inner anti-reflex coating and 100% UV protection. They are photochromic lenses, i.e. they get darker when the sunlight hits them.

3. polarised Neophan lenses: all polarised lenses are treated with Neophan, a peculiar substance which selectively filters colours, producing the most natural vision possible, creating a unique experience in terms of clarity, contrast and protection.

lgr sunglasses the man himself

Luca Gnecchi Ruscone

Luca Gnecchi Ruscone was born in Rome in 1982 to an Italian family with very strong roots in Africa. Until the age of 12 he lived in the countryside of Tuscany and then moved to Rome. Having finished secondary school in England, he continued onto university in Madrid, Spain and Boston, USA to study Economics.

Most of his childhood was spent between Italy and Africa. His father lives in Kenya and his mother was born in Eritrea, where his grandfather had opened an optical store in the 1930’s, with eyewear imported from Italy. The re-discovery of these classically designed frames in 2005, were the inspiration that led Luca Gnecchi Ruscone to create his own line of eyewear, L.G.R.

“Some years ago I was in Eritrea, Africa, wandering through my grandfather’s old warehouse of Italian imports, when I discovered a model of sunglasses from a time long forgotten. These beautiful designs, immediately evoked the romanticism of an era long gone by. The merging of two worlds; the adventure of Africa and the glamour of the Riviera. I returned to the original manufacturers and created a line capturing this timeless elegance”. - Luca Gnecchi Ruscone

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