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Michael Kors Sunglasses

What can you say about Michael Kors that hasn't already been said? The not-exactly-rags to riches Noo Yoik boy makes good. Gooder, anyway. Well alright, very good indeed.

His first 'shop' was his parents' basement. After getting some better branding advice he stopped calling it Iron Butterfly and didn't look back. Ok, he probably did a bit when he had to stop trading for four years back in the '90s, but a lot of people had a hard time then. The bounce-back was impressive: A lower-cost line to take advantage of the fact that millions of people weren't as cash-rich as they'd come to imagine at the same time as being made Celine fashion house's first ready-to-wear designer.

Since then it's just got better. It's an unashamedly up-market look. Simple lines and an unstructured feel that spiritually owes something to Chanel, make it a favourite of Michelle Obama, J-Lo, Taylor Swift, Kate Middleton, Lily Aldridge, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Rachel McAdams, Elissa, Heidi Klum, Catherine Zeta-Jones. And maybe you.

We aren't in Paris, Rome or New York. Chelmsford, in fact. But because of that, we can offer you miles of style from international brands at a sensible price, all supplied with a totally free 14-day return policy. And as we're called James Bryan Opticians, if you want those perfect sunglasses with a prescription lens we've got just one thing to say.

Of course. Which pair would you like?