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Revo Sunglasses

Back when big hair and red braces were a thing and people still went into space, one of the NASA optical engineers had an idea. If the technology that worked to protect astronauts from the literally blinding light of deep space could be put into sunglasses......

So he did. The key to it all was a special anti-radiation coating NASA used. But that was just the start. Unisex frames made of new wonder-material carbon fibre, etched frames and a slew of proprietary lens coatings based around the original premise of using multi-layered tempered glass with micro-thin layered film to provide maximum protection.

The reflections between the interference coatings mean a new range of lens colours while the glass lenses give incredible distortion-free vision.

OK, you might never go to the moon. But then, in space no-one can see your sunglasses.

We aren't in Paris, Rome or New York. Chelmsford, in fact. But because of that, we can offer you miles of style from international brands at a sensible price, all supplied with a totally free 14-day return policy. If you don't like them, if they don't suit you, if you just changed your mind, send them back. On us. We'll even send you a label so you don't have to use your own pen. And as we're called James Bryan Opticians, if you want those perfect sunglasses with a prescription lens we've got just one thing to say.

Which pair would you like?